"All the news of the
Double Goose Brand"

"All the news of the Double Goose Brand"

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Zürich | Saturday | 30.09.23

Double Goose x Appenzeller Gurt

Year 2018/19
Brand: Appenzeller Gurt
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What does a belt brand from a remote mountainous region of Switzerland share with a cult New York down jackets label from the 80’s hip hop era? Yet, when they encountered each other in Zürich a few years back, their shared passion for high-quality heritage leather products lead inevitably to a creative collaboration, giving birth to a project that we’re proud to show you here.

The Double Goose x Appenzeller Gurt pack is comprised of a handcrafted Premium Calfskin V-Bomber featuring the distinctive Appenzeller Gurt brass ornaments and a matching gold/black cowhide leather belt.

We worked on a black/gold version of our staple and most emblematic style – the V-Bomber – giving it a subtle bling twist through the addition of the traditional floral and sun ornaments of the Fuchs Family – one of the few remaining Appenzell craftsmen still producing them in the original way. The jacket’s lining exhibits another technique, the papercuts traditionally used to describe daily life in the Swiss mountains and popular in the early 19th century. Our version is a digital print of an actual papercut, made by designer Sebastian Schaub.

Originally made for Appenzeller sheep-dog collars, the belts quickly became a national must-have. This collaborative belt is based on their classic black cowhide belt, with tonal black stitches, a clean black/gold design with selected brass ornaments: cows, flowers, suns, and the distinctive heart-shaped belt tip. It also features a leather emboss of the co-labelling logo.

Credits :
The images where taken in Zürich by swiss photographer Nicolas Duc and features our friend P Vlex of the Babylon Music collective.

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Double Goose x Appenzeller Gurt Black