As a heritage brand, we make sure that high standards come first. Made in Europe, handcrafted piece by piece by a team of leather and down professionals, our products are made from materials of the highest quality, they function well and will outlive any trend or fashion.

Leather, down, fur, wool, faux-fur, zipper, rivets, triple stitched nylon threads or linings, the elements that compose our jackets are strictly selected to keep you warm and comfortable. Embossing, embroideries or sublimated textiles, the technical expertise allows us to customize our classic styles at will.


Mostly made out of premium calfskin or lambskin leather, we play with different qualities and techniques to provide a broader choice of styles. Full grain or suede, our skins are selected at the best suppliers. Our suppliers are masters in leatherwork such as embossing, quilting, dyeing, laser cutting or perforation.


Down is known as the best insulation. It traps the body heat and prevents it from escaping into the cold. Our premium goose down has a ratio of 90% down and 10% feathers. Adding to leather, our jackets insure an exceptional warmth for the coldest winter days. We guarantee that you won’t be cold anymore!


The original Double goose features a possum fur collar. The possum we use is a pest in New Zealand and is hunted as it destroys the local fauna. But we now also propose collars out of shearling or faux-fur on demand. Our collars are always detachable and snap fastened.

Other Materials

Our jackets are originally composed by a leather outershell, goose down filled and a possum fur collar. Our carry over line, the black series, remains the same. By popular demand, we decided to experiment and produce jackets using materials such as wool and cashmere, cotton or nylon for the outershell, giving a  lighter twist to our classics.


A Double Goose jacket, although its silhouette might look quite simple, is a technical challenge. Down, leather, fur, rivets, or threefold stitching are elements that require expertise. With the time and through our collaborations, we now master different techniques of the leatherwork, textile or metal...